Our most popular tour takes guests on a day trip to Los Patos to enjoy incredible views, pristine forest and the rich flora and fauna of our region. Walk in the footprints of the jaguars, see where all four species of monkeys live, or cross paths with wild pigs. This is an eco-challenge that will have you in awe of the neotropics, capturing the essence of what the National Geographic considers to be “the most biologically intense place on earth”. Our location outside of Corcovado National Park allows guests the option to take a taxi, a 4×4 truck or with our transportation, covering 8 km up to the entrance. From the entrance it is around 6km walk inside the park. You will enjoy a tasty picnic lunch at the edge of small waterfall, where you can relax and reenergize before your descent to Danta Corcovado Lodge. Be prepared for a rigorous hike over steep terrain.

This is an adventure well worth the challenge!

Tour to Los Patos Ranger Station:
7am-3pm, medium – difficult.

Important:  Just to let you know that if you want to make a Corcovado tour with us, we need to have your names and passports number, at least 2 days before your arrival, so we can buy the entrances for the National Park.

Just remember that if we buy the entrances and you cancel the tour, we will still charge for them.


Walk into the unknown and immerse yourself in the nocturnal activities of the tropical rainforest with the safety of your well trained guide and a good flashlight.

At dusk we take you around our natural lagoon, where you will have the possibility of seeing caimans, kinkajous, tarantulas, tree frogs, and more. This tour will heighten your senses as you become accustomed to your surroundings, discovering hidden treasures beneath every leaf, and even pausing a moment to take in the complete darkness with our flashlights off.

1.5 hours, starting at 6:00 pm,


Bird watching tours are designed to suit each type of birder, exploring several different habitats and adjusting each route depending on your physical fitness.

Let us help you expand your bird lists on a journey around mangroves, rivers, pastures, secondary growth and primary forest. You will be inspired by all of the colorful and endemic species of our region! Black-cheeked Ant-Tanager (Habia atrimaxillaris), Fiery-billed Aracari (Pteroglossus frantzii), Yellow-billed Cotinga (Carpodectes antoniae) are just some examples.

2.5 hours, easy
Minimum 2 people


We have 30 hectares of terrain outside of Corcovado National Park. Experience the same biodiversity at Danta Lodge that makes the Osa Peninsula such as popular stop among tourist.

Our property highlights sections of heart of palm plantation, reforestation area, regeneration and secondary forests, as well as primary forests. We are an excellent choice for Bird Lovers; over 330 species have been spotted in our property.

There have also been sightings of Jaguaroundis, Northern Tamanduas (Anteater), Three-toed Sloths, as well as regular appearances made by Squirrel, Howler, and White-faced Capuchin Monkeys and
much more.

2 hours, easy – medium

You can walk on our private trails on your own,  for free.


This tour features one of our most important native trees, the Cacao. Join us on a walk through a tropical orchard, banana groove, flatland rainforest, medicinal plant garden, and most importantly an experimental/traditional cacao plantation.

This is a fascinating tour that will explain the historical and traditional importance of organic agriculture. The tour concludes with a table full of fresh fruits, homemade bread and chocolate dipping sauce.

9am-12pm or 2pm-5pm,


Thanks to our proximity to the Indigenous Territory Guaymí, we offer our guests a rich experience in culture, history and nature. Next to Corcovado National Park, we find a family that opens the doors of their house, before we enter, we must purify our body and soul with its ritual to start learning.

Once entering their territory, they will show their lifestyle and will tell their story and beliefs. Also learn about medicinal plants and their art with natural products, giving a little tour of all-natural gardens surrounding the house of this family.

This tour is only in Spanish.

This will be an experience that you’ll never forget!

8am-1pm, easy.


Slip into the temperate waters of Golfo Dulce, exploring the mangroves, the beautiful beaches, and the marine life in kayak. Embark from Playa Blanca, a Blue Flag certified beach that is seldom crowded, and enjoy a guided tour in this unique tropical fiord.

With a high possibility of seeing dolphins at play, sea turtles, birds preying on schools of fish, crustaceans, and much more. It is almost certain you will be serenaded by scarlet macaws and chestnut mandible toucans. 

So come on, grab a paddle, a life vest, and let’s go!

2 hours, depends on tide,